15 of the Best Digital Advertising Blogs

As any veteran digital advertiser knows, reading is the key to staying current with new trends, best practices and innovative strategies. The more you read, the more informed are, and the easier it is to stay relevant. Digital advertising, strategies and tactics change daily, which is why it’s important to keep a fresh supply of expertise at the ready. In the words of Jay Bear, president of Convince & Convert (on our list of course), “In digital marketing, if you don’t learn, you die. Period.” While you can’t be expected to read everything written on digital advertising, you can take a few minutes each day to breeze through some of the best resources in the biz. We’ve put together a list of fifteen award-winning digital advertising blogs—state-of-the art reads offering trusted advice, expert tips and smart guidance to get you (and keep you) on your toes. Here’s who made the cut.